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General Terms and Conditions of the United Medix Laboratories Ltd’s Self-sampling® service

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Applying these Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions are applied to United Medix Laboratories Ltd’s (business ID: 2281070-9, address: Kivihaantie 7, 00310 Helsinki, Finland) (hereinafter ‘Company’) internet page and user interface in the URL www.medixlab.fi, www.kotinayte.fi and www.telelab.fi (hereinafter ‘Online Service’) and the sample collection equipment delivery services and sample analysis services taking place in a medical central laboratory (hereinafter ‘Service’) mentioned on the websites and any related orders and transactions. The service may also be provided by your occupational health care or the municipality you live or study in.

The Company reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time. Changed Terms and Conditions are applied to orders that have been made on the effective date announced by the Company or after that date.

These Terms and Conditions do not create a doctor–patient relationship as defined in the Act on the Status and Rights of Patients between you and the Company and the Service does not include the medical interpretation of the sample.

BY ORDERDING THROUGH THE ONLINE SERVICE YOU ACCEPT THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS. By accepting these Terms and Conditions, you also accept that we may send you e-mails, SMS messages or, in exceptional circumstances call in matters related to your order. If you do not accept these Terms and Conditions, do not proceed with the registration, do not log into the Online Service or use it.

Ordering and customership

Sample collection kits are ordered from the Online Service through the internet. Placing an order requires strong verification, either with online bank credentials or mobile identification.
The User must log in to the Online Service using his or her own name, personal information and other identifiers. The credentials and username used for logging in to the Online Service are personal. Users must keep their username and password safe. A username and password may not be disclosed to a third party, unless such party has the right to log in to the Online Service on behalf of the User, in accordance with these terms and conditions. The User is solely responsible for the correct use of the Online Service user account. If the user’s login credentials are lost, the User must notify the administrative organisation immediately.
The Company has the right to refuse to accept or continue the registration and provide the Online Service to anyone, for any reason and at any time.

When ordering, you must give your contact details including your mobile telephone number and postal address. Products are only delivered to Finland. When you wish to order products outside of Finland, please contact the customer service at asiakaspalvelu@medix.fi or tel. +358-9-52561.

After filling in the order form (and, in the case of paying customers, after the transaction), the customer can order the confirmation to her/his e-mail address. If the customer orders the confirmation to her/his e-mail but does not receive it in the provided e-mail address within reasonable time, the customer should contact the customer service at asiakaspalvelu@medix.fi or tel. +358-9-52561.

For undelivered samples, the orders and personal data are deleted from the portal within one year of order.

When delivering the product, the barcode identification in the package is connected to the data you have provided. When sending a salmonella sample, you definitely must adhere the barcode identification delivered with the sample collection kit to the test tube. In other sample collection kits the barcode has already been attached to the tube. You must mail the test tube according to the sampling instructions in the packaging, and the salmonella sample must be packed inside an endothermic package as instructed. The answer to the sample is delivered in the Online Service through the electronic Service. Once the result is ready, an SMS will be sent to the telephone number you have provided once.

The terminal devices and connections (such as an internet connection or connection to a mobile network) required by the use of the Online Service are not within the scope of the Online Service. You are responsible for acquiring, maintaining and updating such devices or connections and any related costs.

Delivery time

We aim to mail the orders on the following working day from the order at the latest. The delivery usually takes around 2–3 working days, depending on the post’s delivery speed. The given delivery schedules are referential, not binding.

If the delivery does not arrive within five working days from the order, taking into account the aforementioned factors affecting the delivery time that are based on the date of infection and termination of treatment, you must contact the Company’s customer service at asiakaspalvelu@medix.fi or tel. +358 9 52561.

Immaterial rights and copyrights

The Company (or its licensors) own all rights to the Online Service and all and any material in the Online Service including copyrights, patents, trademarks, protection of designs, trade secrets and any other immaterial rights.

Once you have accepted these Terms and Conditions, the Company is granting you a limited access to the Online Service for personal, non-commercial purposes. Unless explicitly otherwise stated in these Terms and Conditons, you do not have the right to use, copy, save, edit, transfer, distribute or disclose your user profile, Online Service or parts of these and any materials included in these in any ways.

Producing the Online Service

The Company has the right to produce the Online Service as it sees best, including the right to change the Online Service. You are responsible for any changes required to your devices by these changes and any related costs.

The Company reserves the right to discontinue the use of the Online Service if it is necessary for installation, alteration or maintenance or if so required by legislation, regulations or authorities or if there is another acceptable reason for the discontinuation.


The Company does not give warranties to the Service’s content or functionalities. The Company provides the Online Service “as is” and “as it is available”. The Company is not responsible for the scope, correctness or uninterrupted nature of the Online Service, or for the consequences of using or not using the Online Service.

When ordering sample collection kits through the Online Service, you have to be sure upon ordering that the kits are suited for your use. The Company is not responsible for the suitability of the sample collection kits to your purpose of use. For instance, the Company is not responsible for any damage caused by the data received through the Service or available in the Service, for instance any decisions you make as a result of the sample analysis.

The Company is not responsible for any third party products or services. The Company aims to ensure the safe and reliable delivery of the sample but the Company is not accountable for any mistakes or errors related to postal deliveries.

The Company is not responsible for direct, indirect or unpredictable damage caused by the use of the Service.
The Company is not responsible for the interpretation of the sample results. The Online Service is not intended to replace a medical diagnosis or health assessment by a healthcare professional, and the aim of the Online Service is not to offer professional assessment on the User’s health through the Online Service. You must always consider whether to have a personal appointment or carry out treatment or examinations with a healthcare professional.

Processing personal data

When processing personal data stored in the Service, caution and modern technical ways of working are implemented in accordance with the Personal Data Act. Service producers (and the Service Provider if this is a health care operating unit) are responsible for protecting the data stored in the service in an appropriate way.

The service producers (or Service Provider if this is a health care operating unit) will not under any circumstances disclose the Users’ data to another person or company without the User’s permission or a legal reason. The data is stored on a server located in Finland. The administrator of the server is specialised in the secure processing of health care data, and the data is stored according to the Decree of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health regarding storing patient documents.

The sample is recommended to be sent to the laboratory as soon as possible after the sampling kit has arrived. Under the Privacy Policy, all information on the subscriber is deleted from the portal after the deadline. We keep information for 9 months from the order, but if the customer wants to delete the data already before this, there is a function for this purpose in the portal.

The Company reports any positive infection results to the infectious disease register if so required of the Company by the current legislation. If the service is paid for by your occupational health care, the municipality where you live in or your student health care, the Company will deliver the result of the test in a secure manner also to health care professionals in a manner selected by the payer of the test.

The User commits to providing correct data in the Service. The User may only use their own personal identification in the identity verification service. The sample provided by the User must be the User’s own.Force majeure

The Company is not responsible for any delay or damage caused by an obstacle outside of the Company’s influence that the Company could not have reasonably predicted at the time of creating the agreement and the consequences of which the Company could not have reasonably avoided or conquered.

Applicable legislation and dispute resolution

Finnish legislation is applied to these Terms and Conditions.


If you have any questions regarding the Online Service, please contact our customer service via e-mail at asiakaspalvelu@medix.fi or telephone +358-9-52561 on Mon–Fri at 8:00–16:00.

Additional terms and conditions applicable only when the consumer pays for the service

Prices and payment

The prices of the products are available in the Online Service, and products are paid for when ordering. The price of the product includes shipping. If the Service is provided to you by your municipality, student health care or occupational health care, you can place an order with a code indicating your right to order.

In the Online Service, you can pay with the most common debit/credit cards or online bank arrangements of the following Finnish banks: Nordea, Osuuspankki, Danske Bank, LähiTapiola, Aktia, Nooa, Paikallisosuuspankit, Säästöpankit, Handelsbanken, S-Pankki and Ålandsbanken. The payment service is provided by Checkout Finland Oy.

Payment service provider

The payment service provider and realiser of payment transfer service is Checkout Finland Oy (business ID: 2196606-6) in co-operation with Finnish banks and credit institutions. Checkout Oy will be the recipient of the payment on the bank statement or credit card invoice and transfers the payment to the seller. Checkout Oy is a licensed payment institution. In case of a complaint, please contact the supplier of the product first.

Checkout Oy, business ID: 21966066
Gebhardinaukio 1
PL 308
00013 OP
Telephone: +358 010 252010.

Online banks

The payment transfer service related to online bank payment is realised by Checkout Finland Oy (business ID: 2196606-6) in co-operation with Finnish banks and credit institutions. For the user, the service is just like traditional online bank payments.


All orders can be returned or exchanged within 14 days free of charge under the conditions mentioned here. The right to return only applies to unused products. United Medix Laboratories Ltd will not accept products if the sample collection kit has been opened or if the product is returned after 14 days from the delivery.

If you wish to return a product, always contact the customer service first at asiakaspalvelu@medix.fi. Also attach the name and contact details of the customer to the product you are returning. The payment is returned to either the charged bank account or credit card.

If the delivered product is wrong or faulty, the customer must inform the customer within 14 days of the receipt of the product at asiakaspalvelu@medix.fi or p. +358-9-52561. If the packaging is damaged, the customer must file a complaint with Posti immediately.